Servants at the Palace

In 1764, William Tryon was accompanied to North Carolina by an unknown number of paid staff. In 1765, Tryon listed in his service “The Lad we took from Norfolk [Virginia], a sailor I have made my groom and a little French boy I got here [in North Carolina],” along with Pierre Le Blanc, Cuisinier (cook), Turner, a farmer, and “My trusty servant George.” Tryon’s personal banking records also show payments to Patty Hatch (housekeeper), Ann Patterson (Margaret Tryon’s maid), and Tryon’s personal secretaries, Fountain Elwin (Margaret Tryon’s cousin) and Isaac Edwards. 

Tryon also owned between ten and 12 enslaved black men and women. 

Josiah Martin employed six white English servants. His household also included four enslaved people sent to him from Antigua by his father.