Mattocks Hall

As you enter the History Center, this grand hall’s sweeping vaulted, atrium ceiling, with large sunlit windows facing the Trent River on one side, and the ornate King George III’s Royal Coat of Arms set high against the brick back wall is truly impressive.  Mattocks Hall is the corridor that opens to all the History Center’s galleries and exhibits.  After hours, it is a favorite venue for large special events.

The hall was named for Robert L. and Carol Mattocks II, for their generous funding of the North Carolina History Center.  They advocated for the building of the History Center as a beacon of engaging and stimulating history education for North Carolina. Bob Mattocks was Chairman of the Tryon Palace Commission when the North Carolina History Center opened in 2010.

To Bob and Carol Mattocks, Tryon Palace’s legacy represents the heart of North Carolina’s historic and cultural heritage, and they continue to passionately support Tryon Palace and the History Center.