Hawks Allée

This beautiful garden is named for John Hawks, the architect of the original Palace. This garden was created in 1961, after the completion of the Latham Garden and the Palace, which opened in 1959. The Hawks Allée is the end point of an axis starting at the west door of the Stable Office and extending through the Latham Garden.

The four marble statues, representing the four seasons, and the terra cotta statue at the south end were donated from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Francis DuPont, descendants of John Hawks.

In 2017, this garden began the transition to a pollinator prairie, which now blooms 10 months a year with many perennials, especially purple coneflower, milkweed, and black eyed susans. The Allée attracts a myriad of pollinators from butterflies and bees to wasps and hummingbirds.