Stanly House Garden

The Stanly House was moved to its third and present location in 1966, and the following year a formal “Town Garden” of brick walks edged with boxwood was created. There are no plantings next to the foundation, a practice typical of Georgia design in the 18th-century highlighting the architecture instead. The garden includes two reproduction summer houses, a shady retreat, that are based on structures that appear in the front of the Stanly House in an 1862 drawing.

The garden boasts many heirloom camellias in the front and side areas as well as a fountain with water lilies and other wetland plants. The hedges are boxwood, an outlier on our site due to their issues with hot humid summers.

In 2019, the garden began transitioning to a white theme featuring many plants with white blooms and foliage, like hellebores, hydrangeas, and roses, to compliment the many weddings hosted in the back yard.