Highlighted Collections

New Bern Silversmiths

New Bern Silversmiths

New Bern has been home to several prominent silversmiths – Freeman Woods, David Murdock, John Gill, and William Tisdale. As of 2020, Tryon Palace holds over 60 examples of their work.

Barbour Boats Painting

Barbour Boats Collection

Founded by Herbert Barbour in 1932, Barbour Boats once operated on the Trent River where the North Carolina History Center now stands. Tryon Palace’s Barbour Boats’ collection includes objects salvaged from the boatyard and a 1960 Silver Clipper. We also have a selection of photographs, advertisements, newspapers, and artwork related to this historic New Bern company.

Civil War Collection of Diaries and Photos

New Bern in the Civil War

Located in the Confederate State of North Carolina, Federal troops occupied New Bern from 1862 to 1864. Much of the Civil War collection at Tryon Palace consists of archival materials, such as diaries, photographs, prints, and letters, related to this occupation.

"Family Taking Tea in Library" from the Latham Collection

Maude Moore Latham Collection

Maude Moore Latham’s dream was to see the Governor’s Palace in New Bern be reconstructed. Unfortunately, Latham passed away prior to seeing the result of her hard work. In the years prior to her death, however, Latham had collected historical objects that she felt might be useful in the reconstructed Palace. These 89 objects that ranged from furniture and paintings to candlesticks and ceramics would go on to become the founding objects of the Tryon Palace collection.


New acquisitions of 18th century stemware

New Acquisitions

Every year, through donations from our community, the Tryon Palace collection continues to grow.  Our needs and collecting interests vary widely. Recent acquisitions include a c. 1950 New Bern postcard scrapbook, a c. 1965 Tryon Palace hostess costume, an 1847 musket, and several 18th century twist stemware wine glasses.