Entrance to the Duffy Gallery

Duffy Exhibition Gallery

The Duffy Exhibition Gallery, located just off the Talton Pavillion corridor past the Museum Gift Shop, is a premier location for special exhibitions in historic New Bern and across Eastern North Carolina. 

The gallery is named after Minnette Chapman Duffy, an ardent supporter of the reconstruction of Tryon Palace. As one of a group of “persistent ladies,” including Gertrude Carraway and Maude Moore Latham, Mrs. Duffy lobbied hard for the reconstruction of Tryon Palace establishing a “New Bern Historical Pageant” to raise attention and funds for the endeavor and was named a charter member of the Tryon Palace Commission. Unfortunately, she did not live to see the rebuilding of the Palace. 

Changing exhibits at the Duffy Gallery explore the endless riches of North Carolina’s history. Exhibits 0ften feature local history, artifacts from Tryon Palace’s collection, local and regional art shows, or a popular traveling exhibit.