Daves House

Daves House c. 1813

Built in 1813 for John Pugh Daves and his wife, Mary Hatch.  The Daves House was originally located on the 200-block of George Street, which sprang up after Tryon Palace burned in 1798 and the site was divided into lots and sold. John Daves’ second wife, Elizabeth Graham Daves, lived in the house until 1882. It was purchased by the Duffy family in 1889 and remained in their ownership until it was purchased by the State of NC. During the reconstruction of Tryon Palace and moved to its present location on the corner of Pollock and Eden streets. 

The Daves House served as the first visitor welcome center for Tryon Palace, and later, as the gift shop.  It now serves as the green room for brides and their bridal parties getting married at Tryon Palace.