Cannon Gateway located in the North Carolina History Center

Cannon Gateway

The Cannon Gateway honors the philanthropy of Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Ruth Coltrane Cannon.  Ruth Cannon is known for her distinguished work in historical research, preservation and restoration, and was instrumental in organizing the reconstruction of Tryon Palace, and raising funds for the Palace gardens.  The Cannon Foundation, founded by her husband Charles A. Cannon, continues their philanthropic legacy today. The Cannon family and Cannon Foundation continue to generously support Tryon Palace.

“Bees and Blooms”

“Bees and Blooms” celebrates the art of nature, and the beauty and wonder of bees and their relationship with blooms. This photography collection by photographer and beekeeper, Deana B. Marion, is sure to amaze. The collection captures acts of pollination with macro images of bees and blooms in their native environment.

“Bees and Blooms” features large images of colorful bees and blooms that allow the viewer to appreciate the art of nature at eye level and see the beauty and wonder of bees and blooms, their interdependence and importance. The large glossy metal and metallic canvas prints utilize high-definition photographic imaging to enhance the “bee-utiful” details, depth of field and background illumination.

Exhibit on display through August 28, 2022