Tryon Palace to Implement Monday Closures Beginning July 1

NEW BERN, N.C. – May 9, 2018
Beginning July 1, Tryon Palace will be closed to the public on Mondays. This closure will affect all Tryon Palace properties, including the Governor’s Palace and grounds, historic buildings, gardens, and the North Carolina History Center.
The Tryon Palace Commission determined that the weekly closure was necessary to ensure that Tryon Palace can continue to offer visitors a top-quality visitation experience, unencumbered by the normal maintenance required to preserve the buildings and grounds. Currently, the Palace is open seven days a week, leaving little staff time dedicated to landscape and building upkeep, which cannot happen in conjunction with tours and visitation.
With Mondays being the day of the week with the lowest average visitation and ticket sales, the decision to close has the additional benefit of saving funds that will be reallocated to ensure that the buildings, grounds, and collections are well maintained and displayed. These efforts will help Tryon Palace maintain its American Alliance of Museums accreditation, which certifies that the museum meets or exceeds the highest professional standards.
The Monday closures will begin July 2 and will remain in place for a one-year trial period. Future closure decisions will be determined by the Tryon Palace Commission at that time.