Tryon Palace Loves Our Volunteers!


To Tryon Palace Volunteers:

Many of you have been with Tryon Palace longer than most employees. Volunteers have worked in every area on site.

  • We have Administrative Assistants that work with Reception, Volunteers, Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Development, and Program Coordination.
  • Clerks working in the Museum Store and the Craft and Garden Shop.
  • Drivers shuttling everyone around the grounds (when the shuttle is available).
  • Utility workers cleaning windows, setting up and taking down for events, making exhibit areas presentable to the guests and picking up around the grounds.
  • Collection workers assisting with cataloging artifacts and moving as needed around site.
  • Library volunteers assisting with filing, organizing and compilation of records.
  • Conservation assistant work can be seen throughout the site with wooden pieces to raise furniture off the floor to building and repairing exhibit pieces and artifacts.
  • Seamtresses at this time can be found making PPE masks for those in need from home and when working in the Costume Shop, they are mending historic clothing, making patterns, hand sewing and machine sewing wherever the need will take them.
  • African American History Coordinator Assistant, doing basic office work to assisting the Coordinator with events on and off site.
  • USCT and the First Continental Line Soldiers portraying and teaching history of the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars.
  • Historic Homes Interpreters who lead tours through the Stanly House and hopefully soon through the Dixon House again teaching what it was like during the 17th through 20th Centuries
  • Palace and Kitchen Office Interpreters leading tours to give the visitors a look into what it was like during the 17th through 20th Century New Bern. This is usually anyone from Governor Tryon to that kitchen worker cooking up some fragrant goodies and those showing visitors a crafty skill or two.
  • Garden workers, master gardeners, home gardeners, and those with an interest in gardening can be seen working in the gardens making them another highlight to a visit to Tryon Palace.
  • Facilities volunteers are with skills in electrical or HVAC. 
  • Special Event workers do everything from set up, working the event taking tickets, serving snacks, selling items, greeting, answering questions, any task that may occur, and help with striking the event and cleaning up after.

This week being National Volunteer Appreciation we would have been conducting your Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. However, with the guidelines in place we will have to postpone this year’s event. Volunteers are appreciated every day and I know most of you have heard this time and time again from all the Staff at Tryon Palace WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

We hope you all stay safe and healthy until we see you again…