Tryon Palace hosts an 18th century fashion workshop July 16

Join Tryon Palace on Saturday, July 16, from 1 PM to 3 PM to discover what you would be dressing in today if you woke up in 1770.  The workshop, “What to wear? A guide to 18 c. wardrobe,” will explore all the all the varied pieces of an 18th century wardrobe, from undergarments to head dressing. It wasn’t as simple as it is today.

During the workshop, you’ll learn who were the mavens of fashion during that time.  Where did fashion news originate and how did important fashion news arrive from Europe to the Colonies?  Discussions will include what fabrics were “hot” and where they originated, and some of the sewing techniques used to create these fashions. 

Finally, you will learn about 18th century pockets.  Certainly not the Gucci bags of today, but pockets were more like personalized bags that were tied around your waist, often embroidered, beaded or patchworked.  All attendees will be given a “pocket kit” to start in class and take home to finish and adorn as you wish. 

The workshop requires advance registration, and costs $15. (Foundation members receive a $5 discount, please call the ticket desk to secure.)  The workshop will be held on July 16, from 1 PM to 3 PM, at the North Carolina History Center in the Debnam Hunt Board Room, 529 S. Front Street, New Bern.

For more information, please go to, or call 252-639-3500.