The Seth Thomas Clock Chimes Again

In a collaborative effort with the Craven Community College, the Seth Thomas Clock, located in the North Carolina History Center, is repaired. 

Rob Jones–Tryon Palace, Jeff Brown & Dean Ricky Meadows–Craven Community College


Erected in 1911, the Seth Thomas Clock was originally located in the New Bern City Hall tower. The clock was decommissioned in 1999 due to ongoing mechanical problems. Volunteers began restoring it in 2007, and it was placed in its permanent home of the North Carolina History Center three years later in 2010. 

Stages of the replicated hammer that Craven Community College students created

Its presence above the History Center’s lobby doors has captured the attention of thousands of visitors especially upon the hour when it chimes out the time loudly throughout the building.  But in October 2019, the clock hammer broke, temporarily decommissioning it once again. Craven Community College students in the CAD program stepped in, replicating the piece. It was installed September 1, 2020, and fills the Mattocks Hall with its bell once again. 
The large 2,800 pound clock can be seen above the entry to the North Carolina History Center. Visitors can see it while visiting the Tryon Palace Museum Store, located on 529 S. Front Street. 

The bell chimes once again!

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