The Glorious 4th

This year, The Glorious 4th fell on July 3rd, but that didn’t make it any less glorious!

In our time-honored tradition of honoring our Declaration of Independence, we had a big celebration.

The Sons of the American Revolution presented Tryon Palace Executive Director, Bill McCrea, with a plaque and a brand new flag to honor the care Tryon Palace has taken in cherishing the American Flag.

The reading of the Declaration of Independence was on our South Lawn this year. There were cheers as the words from our forefathers were read and still ring true today about “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” To read the Declaration of Independence for yourself, visit this site.

It wouldn’t be The Glorious 4th without our Fife and Drum Corps giving a concert, and the 1st North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line giving a firing demonstration.

We hope to see you the next 4th!

The Glorious 4th