Fifty years of Tryon Palace Historical Interpreters

More than 50 men and women that have served as Tryon Palace historical interpreters over the past 50 years gathered for a luncheon at The Chelsea in downtown New Bern Wednesday, April 22. The group ranged from those still actively volunteering and others like 99-year-old Elizabeth Midyette, who began working at Tryon Palace in 1964 and continued until she was 92. 

Others in attendance included Anne Horner, who began a year earlier than Midyette in 1963, and continued until 2009. In her 46 years at Tryon Palace, Horner said she made a lot of memories. 

“I just remember all the people the most,” Horner said. “I met so many good friends there.”

Tryon Palace assistant director LeRae Umfleet addressed the crowd to thank the group for their years of service and to invite them to share ideas with her for the continued betterment of Tryon Palace.