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Tryon Palace Media Policy

  • Media are an integral part of sharing the Tryon Palace story, and are welcome to visit Tryon Palace and North Carolina History Center grounds, galleries, and buildings during operating hours.
  • Tryon Palace staff must approve all media access to Tryon Palace. A Tryon Palace staff member will be present at all times during media visitation. Staff presence is necessary to ensure:
    • Compliance with Collections loan agreement per accreditation guidelines;
    • Protection of the privacy of visitors to the site;
    • Safety of media while on site;
    • Appropriate access to ticketed areas (North Carolina History Center galleries, Governor’s grounds and buildings, and historic buildings on the complex). 
  • Media are encouraged to contact a member of the Media Team to prearrange site visits to ensure appropriate staff are available for escort. This can be done by contacting members of the Media Team.
    • Media who do not make prior arrangements may not be permitted access to the site until appropriate staff is available for escort;
    • Media will not be denied access to the site, but will be asked to wait until appropriate staff are available to comply with our policies;
    • Tryon Palace staff will make best efforts to ensure media are rescheduled to visit in a timely manner to meet their deadlines.
  • Access to Tryon Palace and North Carolina History Center buildings, grounds, and galleries outside of operating hours will not be granted unless previously arranged with the Media Team.
  • MEDIA PASSES: Media passes may be granted for media. These passes may be issued only by the Media Team. Media passes will allow media unescorted access to certain areas and events. All media passes must be arranged ahead of time, and access will be dependent on the request and event. Two different types of passes may be issued:
    • Media passes will be issued as ONE TIME ONLY MEDIA PASS at events. These passes must be picked up by a media member at the event (by contacting the Media Team) and must be returned at the end of the event (to the Media Team). At events, any staff or volunteer will be able to help a media member make contact with a Tryon Palace media team representative. These passes will be for individual events or situations.
    • Media passes for MEDIA GROUNDS ACCESS may be issued to cover regular daily access to Tryon Palace grounds. These passes will be issued at the discretion of the Director of Public Affairs, and will be for access to the grounds and gardens only. This pass may be revoked at any time if media does not comply with basic rules and regulations:
      • No access to the historic buildings or galleries will be allowed without prior written approval from Media Team;
      • Visits will only be permitted during operating hours;
      • Media must present pass to ticketing desk at the North Carolina History Center or the Waystation and issued a complimentary media ticket before accessing site;
      • Media pass must be worn or carried at all times;
      • Media pass must be presented to Tryon Palace staff upon request;
      • Media may not take photos of Tryon Palace visitors without direct permission of the subject in the photo. This is especially important when photographing children;
      • Media must not encumber guest visitation or tours.
    • Media passes should be worn or carried by media while on site. Security, ticketing, and other staff on site may request a media pass, and those not presenting it will be asked to leave. 
    • Media passes will be applicable only during operating hours.
  • Media guidelines inside galleries and historic buildings (free and ticketed areas):
    • Public Affairs staff must be contacted in advanced to allow media access inside galleries and historic buildings;
    • Public Affairs staff must arrange a Collections staff member to be present during media access inside galleries and historic buildings.
    • Collections staff will ensure proper loan agreement policies are followed;
    • Media may be asked not to photograph certain collection items or areas in galleries for compliance with loan agreements;
    • Collections staff will work with Public Affairs and media representatives to ensure accurate presentation of information regarding collection items.
  • Media will not be given access to the site during private events unless at the discretion of the private event host. This must be arranged and approved by the private party. Private party renters are responsible for notifying Tryon Palace Media or Special Events team of their intentions to ensure appropriate media are permitted.
  • Drones or other aircraft for image capture are not permitted on, or to fly over, state property.



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