Virtual Field Trips

Take a field trip to North Carolina’s First Permanent Capitol from your classroom!

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Virtual tours meet these education requirements

Elementary Palace Correlations 

4.C.1.1,  4.G.1.4, 4.C&G.1.3, 4.H.2.1, 4.E.2.1, 4.H.1.4, 4.E.2.2, 4.E.1.1

Middle School Palace Correlations 

8.H.3.1, 8.H.3.2, 8.C&G.1.3, 8.H.3.3, 8.H.3.4, 8.C&G.1.3, 8.H.2.1,  8.G.1.1 , 9. 8.E.1.3