Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers

We understand the importance of having young volunteers to make Tryon Palace great. A student volunteer is someone who is in elementary, middle, or high school interested in volunteering. 

As a student volunteer you will meet and interact with guests from all over the world. Learn the history of 18th-century Europe, colonial America, 300 years of New Bern history, the founding of government in North Carolina, and much more!

From preparing Christmas decorations to assisting tours to working in the gardens, there is a fun experience just for you!

Minors Under 16 

Tryon Palace welcomes youth volunteers 6-18 years of age. Volunteer assignments will be in a non-hazardous environment and comply with all appropriate requirements of child labor laws.

Youth volunteers between the ages of 6-12 may volunteer only when a parent or designated guardian accompany the youth and remains on site during the entire assignment period. Volunteers ages 13-15 will be directly supervised by the Student Volunteer Coordinator or paired with an adult supervisor. Both age groups require proper supervision therefore a staff person will be on site when students volunteer at Tryon Palace. 

All minors must submit a parent/guardian signature form to agree on volunteer service. 

Age-appropriate projects

The student portion of the Volunteer Program begins with an informal/conversational interview. During the interview, the Student Volunteer Coordinator and the student will select a date based on mutual availability for an orientation to the program and to the site. Between the interview and orientation, an age-appropriate project or position will be decided for that student based on the needs of branch head directors and the students’ interests, skills, and experience.