North Carolina Continental Line Volunteer Recruitment

North Carolina Continental Line Volunteer Recruitment 

Who: Tryon Palace is looking for a committed group of volunteers to portray a unit of the North Carolina Continental Line at upcoming events throughout the year include our Candlelight celebrations (Dec. 10 & 17), our annual Free Day (Feb. 4),  July 4th events, and other community events, including parades, throughout the year. 

What: The first regiments of the NC Continental Line were authorized by the Continental Congress in 1775.  Regiments of the Line fought with George Washington at Brandywine, Monmouth and Stony Creek.  They wintered and endured with him at Valley Forge.

After the British Siege of Charleston and Battle of Camden in 1780, the N.C. Continental Line was all but annihilated. In spring 1781 General Jethro Sumner led the recruitment of new troops.  These proved instrumental in halting the British charge against the American line at the Battle of Eutaw Springs (SC) in September 1781. New Bern’s own John Daves served as a Captain in the N.C. Continental Line. 
Of the North Carolinians in the battle, Commanding General Nathaniel Greene wrote:

“The North Carolina Brigade under General Sumner was ordered to their support. These were all new levees, and had been under discipline but little more than a month, notwithstanding which they fought with a degree of obstinacy that would do honor to the best of veterans, and I could hardly tell which to admire most, the gallantry of the Officers or the bravery of the Troops.”

Why: Our North Carolina ancestors fought, bled and died for freedom.  Tryon Palace hopes that this plan to reenact the N.C. Continental Line will allow us to bring those stories back to life and educate our visitors about the fight for our independence. 

  • Portray one of North Carolina’s fighting forces of the Revolutionary War
  • Help Tryon Palace honor our patriot ancestors by educating generations to come

NO financial commitment – uniform and kit provided by Tryon Palace

Contact us for more information about joining the 1st N.C. Continental Line.