Tuscarora World and New Bern Portrayed in Map Exhibit

New exhibit opens at Tryon Palace’s North Carolina History Center July 24 

“The Tuscarora World and New Bern in Maps: 1590-1800,” a new free exhibit of approximately 15 rare maps, will open at the North Carolina History Center in downtown New Bern Friday, July 24, through Wednesday, Sept. 16. 

Collected to depict the North Carolina coastal region where New Bern was established in 1710, the exhibit showcases how New Bern was settled in a vast territory inhabited by American Indians, notably the Tuscarora Nation. The coastal area of North Carolina had been the homeland of the Tuscarora, an Iroquois-language people, for nearly a thousand years prior to the arrival of Europeans.

The maps included in this exhibit were identified and collected by Dr. Larry E. Tise of East Carolina University over a period of 10 years via digital scans. Most of the images had not been scanned or available for viewing outside of their home libraries until this exhibit was formed to illustrate Tuscarora history and the Tuscarora War in North Carolina from 1711-1715. 

Images included come from Burgerbibliothek Bern in Switzerland, Eton College Archives, New York Public Library, Yale University Center for British Art, North Carolina Collection of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, South Carolina Historical Society, State University of New York at Fredonia and Mr. Michael McNamara of Williamsburg, Va.