Tryon Palace Contracts with HistoriCorps to Begin Brick Work at New Bern Academy

BERN, N.C. – April 12, 2019

Tryon Palace is pleased to announce they have contracted with HistoriCorps, who have begun work at the New Bern Academy. Beginning Monday, April 8, volunteers with HistoriCorps have begun repointing historic brickwork with traditional lime mortar torestore and protect the New Bern Academy. The repair of this important historic building is being made possible through generous private donations raised through the Tryon Palace Foundation.

One of the finest Federal style buildings in North Carolina, the New Bern Academy was founded in 1764 as one of the first incorporated schools in the state. Reconstructed in 1809 after the original 1776 building burned down, the New Bern Academy is a jewel that survived significant upheavals and developments in American history. Originally a school house for both boys and girls, the New Bern Academy served as a hospital in the Civil War, and in 1899 became part of the new Bern graded-school system, which used it for classes until 1971. Today, the Academy building’s original classrooms are home to four permanent exhibits focused on the Civil War, New Bern Architecture, and the history of the building itself. Today, Tryon Palace manages the Academy, which is open for free to the public. With a mission of preservation for North Carolina’s early history, Tryon Palace seeks to ensure the New Bern Academy receives the important attention it needs to remain an invaluable historic site for the state and the nation.

Volunteers with HistoriCorps will work alongside field experts to repair the New Bern Academy’s historic brick exterior. HistoriCorps staff and volunteers will be on site at the New Bern Academy through May 3, serving for nearly a month to repair the mortar jointsat the Academy.

“We are so proud of the partnership with HistoricCorps, whose organizational missions of preservation, volunteerism, and education align perfectly with those of Tryon Palace,” said Bill McCrea, Executive Director, Tryon Palace. “We are also grateful to the volunteers with HistoriCorps for their donation of time, expertise, and passion at the New Bern Academy. The important project of attending to the brick work at the New Bern Academy was regretfully delayed when Hurricane Florence hit New Bern. Understandably, contractors are hard at work at homes and businesses, helping get New Bern back on her feet. Our partnership with HistoriCorps has allowed us to keep the restoration of the exterior of the New Bern Academy moving forward.”

According to their website, the mission of HistoriCorps is “to save and sustain historic places for public benefit through partnerships that foster public involvement, engage volunteers and provide training and education.” The non-profit organization “provides volunteers of all skill levels with hands-on experience preserving historic structures on public lands across America. Volunteers work with HistoriCorps field staff to learn preservation skills and put those skills to work saving historic places that have fallen into disrepair. HistoriCorps works to ensure America’s cultural and historic resources exist for generations to come.” Learn more about HistoriCorps and support their cause by visiting their website at

More images courtesy of Tryon Palace