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Student Volunteers

Student volunteers at Tryon Palace have an opportunity to explore their passions and skills before pursuing higher education and entering the workforce.

We encourage our new student volunteers to learn about the history surrounding Tryon Palace. Our new students begin their journey with “Touch and Tell Carts.” We have a variety of replicas available for our guests to touch. Students share information about these items and explain why they were important during Colonial times.

Students are matched with mentors depending on their interests, availability, and skill level. Areas of interest may include horticulture, sewing and costume design, or a Blacksmith’s apprenticeship. Students with a theatrical flair become Historic Interpreter Apprentices. Interpreters give full tours inside Tryon Palace and the Historic Houses. Interpreter Apprentices begin as greeters in the Kitchen Office of Tryon Palace.

Students also have an opportunity to learn skilled trades. Most of our students begin by learning how to tape weave because it requires patience and practice. In colonial times, tapes were multipurpose. They decorated pockets and petticoats, they tied back aprons and hair, and they held together window blinds. Today, they make excellent key chains, friendship bracelets, and souvenirs. Many of our students’ tapes are available for purchase in the History Center gift shop.

There are a many other locations available for students to experience working with a diverse audience: The Pepsi Family Center, The Regional History Museum, and The New Bern Academy Civil War Museum.

Our student volunteers bring the stories of Tryon Palace to life for our visitors in meaningful, fun, and relevant ways. We believe that by engaging and exciting our visitors they will feel more connected to our historical heritage and will be inspired to help preserve and protect it for future generations.

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