Living History Classroom

The Living History Classroom, made possible through a generous grant from the Tryon Palace Foundation, is published twice each school year by Tryon Palace, and is available free of charge to schools and teachers. Our articles, crafts, and games celebrate the resources of Tryon Palace and its North Carolina History Center, as well as New Bern and Eastern North Carolina. Additional resources are available electronically for each edition and may be found below. 

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Fall Edition, 2015

In this issue we studied the exploration of North Carolina, encounters between European colonists and the Native American tribes, and the exchange of goods and ideas across the Atlantic.Additional electronic resources are found below.

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"Mapping Our State"

"A Time for Tuscarora" and "Lay of the Land: John Lawson and A New Voyage to Carolina"

Spring Edition, 2015: Do You Know Your Capitals?

Learn about North Carolina's governors, how the state capital moved with them, a colonial school portrait, the first African American to run for governor in North Carolina, and more. Students can also take a quiz to see how much they know about North Carolina's governors. Additional electronic resources are found below.

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"Cooking for the Governor"