African American Lecture Series: WOMEN, MUSIC, AND THE ARTS

Presented by Willa Brigham

March 21, 2024
7 – 8:30 p.m.
Cullman Performance Hall, NC History Center

This presentation will take you on an entertaining and informative journey of discovery using stories, poems, raps and rhymes. Celebrate the artistry of women, music, art, and literature.

Through the centuries, the creativity, aspirations, ingenuity, and resilience of African American artists have significantly been minimized or unrecognized. Ms. Brigham will shed light on the rich and valuable artistic heritage of the African American community that has not received the recognition it deserves throughout history.

“Learn about some interesting folks
Right now, and back in time
Discover her history we never knew
Coming from ancestors who looked a lot like you
How their contributions made this country what it is today
Exploring their trials and tribulations as they paved the way”

Willa Brigham is a two-time Emmy Award Winning host of the television show, “Smart Start Kids,” an inspirational speaker, storyteller, writer, teacher and performing artist, who has entertained audiences across the United States.  Her book, Golden Years, is a collection of stories and poems dedicated to senior citizens. She has also written “The Pizza Tree,” a colorful and imaginative story about sharing, and has six delightful CDS to her credit.