Through the Looking Glass: “A Journey with the Storytellers”

Duffy Expedition Gallery, NC History Center

The 100th Anniversary of the New Bern Historical Society brings the opportunity to share the myriad stories that make up the history of New Bern.  Visitors with encounter stories of individuals and events through images, artifacts and experiences that tell the stories of our past and those stories that we continue to live.

In 1923, the New Bern Historical Society was founded and began to collect artifacts and information about the stories that came before. Those from before New Bern’s founding in 1710 and those within the memory of the founders. Today, 100 years later, the New Bern Historical Society works to expand the net to gather every possible story to add to the fabric. Those stories take New Bern from an agrarian culture to a shipping center, to a railroad hub. It survived epidemics, wars, depressions, booms and busts. The Historical Society is not only the collector of the memories, but also the teller of the stories. Reflect on our past as you visit and consider your own story.

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