The Gaspee Affair with Jay DeLoach

March 30, 3 PM, Cullman Performance Hall

 On June 9, 1772 an incident in the small colony of Rhode Island ignited a maelstrom of fury between Great Britain and her colonial subjects in America. This incident in shoal waters of Narragansett Bay was the destruction of the grounded His Majesty’s Ship “Gaspee” by Rhode Island citizens. This seditious act against King George III set into motion several punitive actions by Great Britain and an equal number of reactions from her American subjects compounding an already strained relationship. Its aftermath was significant, fanning the smoldering embers of rebellion and uniting the colonies in unexpected ways. 

A 1978 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, DeLoach’s career includes service on submarines, assignments with Naval Intelligence, 7th Fleet and Joint Staff. As an adjunct professor at the Naval War College, he taught Joint Marine Operations. As a member of the Senior Executive Service in the Department of the Navy, DeLoach led the transformation of the Naval History and Heritage Command. He is the former President of the New Bern Chapter of the NC Sons of the American Revolution and currently leads the entire NC Society of SAR.