Outlander: Storm of Revolution

February 18, 2023 – 4:15 PM

This tour is based upon book 6 of the Outlander series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and the corresponding season 6 of the series, The Storm of Revolution. The forces for independence have been unleashed and Governor Josiah Martin has ordered Claire Fraser to assist him as he plots to stop the Revolutionaries. Colonel James Fraser has joined local forces marching to the capital. 

The time to choose has arrived – will you swear your Loyalty to the King, or enlist with others seeking Liberty? Enter Tryon Palace to learn of the real choices being made by the Royal Governor, the fictional Fraser family, their friends and other colonists of North Carolina at the dawn of the American Revolution. Step into Claire Fraser’s literal literary footsteps as you tour Tryon Palace and along the way encounter historic interpreters who will reveal the facts-versus-fiction of Revolutionary events. 

The Storm of Revolution tour includes access to the Tryon Palace Gardens. Guests are encouraged to check in early to explore the gardens on their own prior to the tour or after the tour concludes. Tryon Palace Gardens close at 6:00 pm.