Chairs in the Trees

July 20, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Cullman Performance Hall, NC History Center

Presented by Donna Washington, Master Storyteller. Free to Attend!

Donna Washington returns to Tryon Palace on July 20, with Chairs in the Trees, a collection of personal narratives that touch on the racial issues in America and what it was like to travel across America as a Black performer while President Obama was in office. The tales from the Chairs in the Trees collection reflect on the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election and the divisive rhetoric on what it means to be a “true” American that surfaced, assertions that America is no longer racist, and on the emerging new laws and language that have “Jim Crow” undertones. Donna created this piece to shine light on what it is to be Black in America because silence is acceptance.

Donna Washington is an internationally known, multiple award-winning storyteller, spoken word recording artist, and author.

A highly animated performer, she has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences with her vocal pyrotechnics, elastic face, and deep characterizations that bring folklore, literary tales, and personal narratives to life for over thirty years.