Frederick Douglass | Master of the Literary Arts

Perfomed by Nathan M. Richardson

Thursday, January 18, 2024
7:00 – 8:30 p.m., Cullman Performance Hall, NCHC

Frederick Douglass…Former Slave? Yes! Abolitionist? Yes! Orator? Yes! Literary Master? ABSOLUTELY!

Join Nathan M. Richardson for an in-depth look at the writings of Frederick Douglass. Experience this internationally acclaimed first-person interpretation of Frederick Douglass. Hear Douglass explain his methodology of writing three narratives, a novella, countless speeches and yes, poems. An excellent experience for students and teachers of English and the literary arts.

Nathan M. Richardson’s historic portrayal of writer, orator and abolitionist Frederick
Douglass began in 2015. He settled on portraying Douglass because of his similar
appearance, but soon realized his kinship with Frederick Douglass as a self-taught
writer/poet, orator/storyteller and activist/abolitionist. After years of research and
more than 300 performances for national and international audiences, Nathan still
finds the shoes of Douglass a loose fit.

FREE to attend!