Dueling and Honor? Or Pride and Murder?

September 3, 2022, 2:00 – 3:15 PM, Debnam Hunt Boardroom at NC History Center

This illustrated lecture will examine the historical and societal context surrounding dueling in the West. We will explore the ancient origins of European dueling, the formalized dueling codes of the 18th century that were routinely ignored, a dueling pact that lasted 19 years, and what the legacy of this tradition means to our post-dueling (and post-honor?) present. This talk is conveniently coordinated to immediately precede the annual Tryon Palace reenactment of the Stanly-Spaight duel at 4:00 PM, located on the New Bern Academy grounds, at 508 New Street, New Bern.

Tickets: Adult – $10.00; Youth – $6.00. Tryon Palace Foundation Members – $8.00