Discover Tryon Palace: Life on the Lesser Stairs

September 8, 3:30 PM
The Palace often conjures images of the Governors and their families who called the building home. What often is missing from the picture, however, is the number of staff, free and enslaved, who cooked the food, cared for the horses, emptied the chamber pots, and anything else that was required to make a life of luxury possible.

“Life on the Lesser Stairs” will take you on a tour of the Palace, Stables, and Kitchen Office to shine a light on the individuals who also called the Palace home but whose lives were not as glamorous. 

Tour goes to the Palace, Stables, and Kitchen Office first floors. Space is limited on each tour and flash photography is prohibited. Tours may involve walking and climbing stairs.


Tour begins at the Palace Front Gates at 3:30 PM

Event Price:

$20 Adults, $10 Youth

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