African American Lecture Series: “The Musical Impact of the Second Great Migration”

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Minus2 Presents: A Soul and Jazz Fusion Experience

The significant impact of The Second Great Migration (1940-1970) on the American musical landscape cannot be overstated. The sounds of this time provided launching pads for multiple genres of music that dominate our current playlists. In particular, today’s Soul and Jazz Fusion genres are closely tied to the Gospel, Jazz, and R&B foundations that were laid during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Minus2 will take listeners on a journey through an array of soul and jazz fusion musical styles, highlighting a combination of original and popular songs that pay homage to pioneers that blazed musical trails during the Second Great Migration.

About Minus2

Minus2 is an innovative group with definitive style and substance. The brainchild of two talented brothers, Daryl and Eric Minus, Minus2 uniquely combines jazz, funk, gospel, and R&B elements into a soul-stirring, colorful collage of urban instrumental artistry.

Between the two of them, the Minus brothers have been creating and performing diverse musical styles for 30 years. The two began their musical journey as horn players in elementary school with Daryl deciding to study trumpet and Eric choosing to pursue the saxophone. After years of developing an instrumental foundation from their exposure to classical and jazz music, the undeniable influences of gospel and funk eventually became well known components of the Minus Repertoire. As their musical horizons broadened, the Minus brothers picked up new instruments: Daryl gravitated towards the piano, and Eric focused his energies on the bass, guitar, and drums. The evolution of the Minus2 sound has been years in the making. The Brothers have now come full circle to create a signature sound of their own, using all the music influences that have shaped their creative existence over the years. Minus2 is a group with a purpose: To build artistic bridges between musical genres.

The Minus brothers co-founded an independent record label, In Season Music Group (ISMG), LLC in December 2000. ISMG was developed to satisfy the growing demand for innovative contemporary jazz and gospel music and has grown to become a multi-dimensional business entity. Under the ISMG label, the brothers have released two instrumental projects as Minus2, four gospel albums with artist Derek Dunn, and have written/produced/performed songs with a variety of jazz, rock, funk, and gospel artists throughout the United States.

Cullman Performance Hall in the North Carolina History Center

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