18th Century Apothecary Workshop – Become an Apothecary Apprentice with Dr. Charles Brett

Saturday, October 14 from 10 a.m. – noon

If you found yourself ill or needing surgery in the 18th century, would you know what to do? Embrace your inner Claire Fraser on October 14 during a workshop presented by Charles Brett, an Apothecary-Surgeon. Dr. Brett will discuss the various roles found in an 18th century medical practice. As his apprentice, you will learn about local and imported ingredients for medicinal recipes and gain an understanding of their uses in treating ailments and diseases. To demonstrate your understanding, you will compound your own medicinal recipe to take home. Finally, a lesson on surgery and bandage application will complete this interactive lesson. Follow up reading material will be available in the Museum Shop on the day of the program.

Tickets are $20, and include materials needed for workshop. Tickets are presale only, with a maximum of 10 attendees. Ages: 13 and up. Students 16 and under need adult supervision. Adults accompanying children must be ticketed if they are participating.

Call: 252-639-3525 for more information.