Board of Directors

The Tryon Palace Foundation is a 501(c)(3)-membership organization that was formed in 1993 to develop audience and financial support for Tryon Palace. The Foundation is administered by a twenty-nine member Board of Directors. 

Tryon Palace Foundation Board Members

Mr. Albert R. Bell, Jr.
Mrs. Anne H. Bradford
Dr. James B. Congleton, III
Mr. Gary S. Curry
Dr. David Dennard
Mr. Jim Foscue, Jr.
Mr. Bernard George
Mrs. Cille B. Griffith
Mrs. Susan King Hackney
Mrs. Katherine C. Haroldson
Mr. Jim Hodges, Jr.
Mr. Lee Knott
Dr. Gordon B. LeGrand
Mr. Joseph P. Logan
Mrs. Linda MacDonald
Mr. Robert L. Mattocks, II
Mrs. Judith McCrudden
Mr. Nelson McDaniel (President)
Mr. Robert Overman
Mrs. Beverly Perdue
Mr. Daniel M. Roberts, IV
Mrs. Karen Segal (Vice President)
Mr. Thomas E. Stroud
Mrs. Elizabeth Sumner
Mrs. Jeannie Tyson
Mrs. Alice G. Underhill
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Ward
Mr. John A. J. Ward
Mrs. Dianne Weaver

Ex Officio

Mr. William Cannon, Jr. (Tryon Palace Commission Chairman)
Dr. Kevin Cherry (Deputy Secretary Archives & History)
Mr. Bill McCrea (Executive Director of Tryon Palace)




Through the Tryon Palace Foundation, members can be part of that heritage. Be a storyteller. Be a Supporter. Make a difference. For more information please visit or call 252-639-3516.