Tryon Palace Live


While Tryon Palace is closed, we want to make sure you are still able to access all our site has to offer... from the safety of your homes and miles of social distancing. For more than 60 years, you've supported us, and now we're here to support you. We're beyond excited to announce new programming and services to help you bring a little Tryon Palace (and history) into your homes! 

Introducing Tryon Palace Live! We will broadcast tours, demos and lectures weekdays at 10 am on our Facebook page

*Schedule subject to change and will be updated accordingly. 

Friday 3/20: Council Chamber tour 


Monday 3/23: Tryon Palace 250th Anniversary Lecture 

Tuesday 3/24: "Behind the Scenes Tuesday": Conservation Lab 

Wednesday 3/25: "What’s Growing Wednesday": Kitchen Garden Tour  

Thursday 3/26: "Thursday Demo Day": Faux Food 

Friday 3/27: 18th Century Kitchen Tour 


Monday 3/30: History of Dueling Lecture 

Tuesday 3/31: "Behind the Scenes Tuesday": Technology 

Wednesday 4/1: "What’s Growing Wednesday"

Thursday 4/2: "Thursday Demo Day": Drum Military Calls 

Friday 4/3: Stanly House First Floor Tour


Monday 4/6: British Raid of New Bern Lecture 

Tuesday 4/7: "Behind the Scenes Tuesday": Conservation Lab 

Wednesday 4/8: "What’s Growing Wednesday" 

Thursday 4/9: "Thursday Demo Day": Rev War Camp Life 

Friday 4/10: Governor’s Living Quarters Tour