Palace Contemporaries Membership

The Tryon Palace Foundation is excited to introduce Palace Contemporaries, a membership for energetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated supporters ages 18 - 39.

We recognize that our future as a Foundation and site is dependent on members who have made an early investment in Tryon Palace.Palace Contemporaries is a way for young people to leave their mark on the legacy of Tryon Palace and North Carolina.

Palace Contemporaries offers a Supporter Membership at $50 or Sustainer Membership for $100. Contemporary members will also receive invitations to exclusive Palace Contemporaries events where members will have the chance to mingle with others who share the same passion.

This membership level will only be offered until the age of 40.

We thank you for you investment, for bringing energy to the Palace, your involvement in our mission and your commitment to the future of our site.

To be considered as a Palace Contemporaries member, please enter your birthday below: